esure and First Alternative select PCF!secure cheque software

esure.comOne of the UK's fastest growing insurance businesses esure (the HBOS Plc and Peter Wood joint venture) have installed PCF!secure cheque software in January 2003.

The PCF software operates on esure's Microsoft network with their Oracle Financial software in a seamless way that ensures only the permitted users are able to print cheques. And the whole process has been automated to save time and provide a very accurate system to print and mail the correct cheque with the correct explanation letter every time.

'It's proved a very reliable system for securely printing claims letters and remittance advices with cheques' says esure's senior systems analyst, ' and being extremely flexible it has allowed us to easily produce the many types of letters and cheques needed for the different insurance products esure provides. PCF's response for development work and any other support issues has always been prompt.'

During the implementation phase PCF developed almost 100 different letter templates for esure which are automatically selected and printed by the software with specific cheques. Each of the letters is designed to include variable client data with high quality graphics and esure can now amend any of these letters themselves very quickly whenever needed.

On seeing this success at esure, sister company First Alternative have also installed the complete PCF!secure cheque printing system, where it has now proved to be equally effective.

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