PCF Sales and Support

PCF provides sales and service support for UK and Europe

Telephone : 01633 415570
Fax : 01633 415599

Support Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5.30pm
Friday: 9am - 5.00pm

Support Services available:

All Accounts Enquiries: tel. 01633 415570 or direct fax on 01633 415599 or direct email accounts@pcf.co.uk

All Printing Services enquiries such as advice on designs, proofs, products or delivery dates:
Tel 01633 415570 or fax 01633 415599 or email info@pcf.co.uk , or use direct account manager email addresses you may have already been provided with.

Support and Maintenance for Barcode Equipment and Systems

CLICK HERE for details of our maintenance and technical services for Barcode equipment and systems.

PCF!form Electronic Forms Support

Telephone : 01633 415570
Fax: 01633 415599

The PCF support office is available for our Create!form users during normal UK office hours. Support outside of these hours is available internationally by prior special arrangement.

For assistance please call our main telephone number 01633 415570, and ask for 'support' or email your question to us on support@pcf.co.uk

PCF supports all Create!form versions residing on Windows NT, AS/400, DEC and UNIX platforms.

PCF!secure Laser Cheque Solutions

Click here for APACS Best Practice Guidelines for Secure Laser Cheque Printing

For PCF!secure laser printer sales call: 01633 415570
For support call: 01633 415570 or 0118 951 9800

PCF!thermal Printer and Scanner Solutions

For PCF!thermal printer/scanner sales call: 01633 415570
For support call: 01633 415570 or 0247 6672242


For PCF!tickets sales call: 01633 415570
For StageIT software support call: 01633 415570 or 01905 776500

Kyocera UK Service Centre Telephone Numbers

Telephone: 01442 272720
Fax: 01442 272725

Since October 1997, Kyocera has been providing revised and improved warranty arrangements through its service company MDIS, based in Hemel Hempstead. MDIS has a dedicated call centre, a nation-wide network of over 60 field engineers, a breadth of experience and a proven track record of supplying quality technical support to the IT industry.

The call centre has staff on-hand to answer your calls between 8am - 6pm (Monday to Friday). Any failures or printers under either standard manufacturer's warranty or ECOShield extended warranty should be registered with the call centre on 01442 272720 (fax 01442 272725)

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