Local Council Beats Cheque Fraud

Call Now on 01633 415570A Local Council benefits department contacted PCF for advice on improved cheque security. They had experienced cases where laser printed information had been changed on the cheques and had instances of cheques being scanned and copied.

PCF immediately recommended a whole range of features that would give increased security to the benefit cheques and the council's cheques now incorporate all of the following security features.

A unique hologram has been added as this is considered the best visible deterrent against counterfeiting. This hologram is printed with the council’s crest to give an even higher level of security.

Also watermarked security cheque paper has now been introduced. Supply of this security paper is strictly controlled so it is not possible for it to be obtained to make a fraudulent copy.

Secure ChequesThe security fugitive background print has been redesigned to incorporate unique numismatic laser design technology. These patterns are very difficult to counterfeit or reinstate after an attempt to remove or alter the laser toner. The enhanced screen is designed using banknote graphics software.

Microtext is also now included as this is very difficult to accurately copy or reinstate.

As well as enhanced Ultra Violet ink protection to the ‘pay’ areas PCF also added invisible UV protection to the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) number so that any attempt to alter the number line would be highlighted.

This complete redesign of the security features has given the council a level of visible and invisible security that immediately highlights any attempts at cheque fraud and so deters any fraudulent attempts.

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