Security Cheque Signer Update

Important APACS Bank Security Cheque Signing Information

To Help Fight Cheque Fraud, Banks Are Phasing Out Pre-Signed Cheques!

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Because of the high cost of cheque fraud, the banks have decided that soon pre-signed cheques must not be used.

Typical cheque users still requiring pre-signed cheques are people with large cheque usages that need to reduce their administrative overhead when actually signing and controlling cheques. Often these will be sprocket fed continuous format cheques.

One clear alternative is to adopt the use of separate cheque signing or signer machines; these however can be expensive and still introduce an extra 'signing' operation before the cheques are ready for distribution. Cheque signers are available from simple `mechanised rubber stamping' machines right through to sophisticated machines that add multi coloured signatures to cheques. The multi coloured signature has been offered for many years as a fraud prevention technique, but ultimately who is going to attack the valid signature on a cheque? . No-one !. So the real protection needed is against someone reproducing the whole cheque or uplifting the value of the cheque and also ensuring that there is tight control over who can issue the finished and protected cheques.

So the better alternative to using pre-signed cheques is to use a securely controlled cheque printing system that includes secure and automatic cheque signing as part of the total cheque printing process.

The PCF!secure Laser Cheque Printing and Cheque Signer System is designed to exactly provide this and is already in use by organisations such as Budget Insurance, The Daily Telegraph, EMAP publishing, esure finance, First Choice holidays, Ladbrokes betting, Secure Trust Bank, Swinton Insurance, Tetley Tea and Yell directories as well as government organisations such as Cambridgeshire City Council, The London Borough of Ealing, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and The States of Jersey.

The system allows users to fully and automatically control who can print and sign which cheques and ensures that high value cheques can have extra controls or signatures added when necessary.

The dual password system designed into the software securely controls each cheque printing cycle across the user's computer network and all actions have a comprehensive audit trail report to enable accurate details to be maintained of who printed, signed and approved which cheques and when.

Anti fraud printing techniques are also built into the system so that potential fraudsters find it very difficult to amend any of the sensitive payment amount and beneficiary name detail laser printed onto the cheques.

If you still use pre-signed cheques you MUST ACT NOW, and if you would like to investigate how your cheque printing system could be improved to protect you from fraud, please contact us quickly.

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