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ContexContex Magnum XL 54" colour scanner

The new Contex MAGNUM XL 54 wide-format colour scanners incorporate the latest in imaging technology for high-quality full colour scanning and copying of the largest formats. The scanner's 54" imaging area can handle colour posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, drawings and fine art from small to extra-large sizes.

Contex Magnum scannerHigh speed scanning, high resolutions, Scan Accuracy with ALE technology, quality guide plate rollers and Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) are all combined in the MAGNUM XL 54 making it the perfect device for effective and reliable high-production scanning.

These state of the art scanners offer unlimited possibilities for professional imaging services, copy service providers, POP/Exhibit/Display companies, graphics professionals, Mapping, Architect and Engineer offices.


  • Very wide imaging area - scans A0/E landscape formats
  • Fast colour and monochrome scanning
  • 42 bit colour capture for photo-realistic vivid colours
  • 14 bit greytone capture for perfect reproduction of greyshades
  • Stable scan accuracy of 0.1% +- 1 pixel with ALE technology
  • Specially designed All-Wheel-Drive for guiding wide originals
  • Scans thick media - up to 0.6"
  • Automatic thick media adjustment Control (ATAC)
  • Detachable glass-plate to bring down service costs.
  • Flexible connectivity - Firewire plug 'n' play and SCSI
  • Scan to PDF format option
  • Scan to network, also across the internet
  • 3C Automatic Maintenance System
  • Colour matching to printer and media
  • Advanced options for printing of greyshades
  • Built-in basic calibration - black and white points
  • Built-in precision colour calibration


Magnum XL 54 BASE: 54" Wide Format Colour Scanner - 4.0" /sec (monochrome), 1.5" /sec (colour) - 800dpi
Magnum XL 54 PLUS: 54" Wide Format Colour Scanner - 8.0" /sec (monochrome), 3.0" /sec (colour) - 2400dpi

Contex Chameleon Tx 36" scanner

Contex Chameleon Tx 36" scannerThe Chameleon Tx 36" scanners are designed to introduce professionals the best in high speed monochrome scanning with the additional option of quality colour scanning for special jobs.

The scanners 36" imaging area handles E-size/A0 engineering drawings, architectural sketches, blueprints, sepias, detailed maps, drawings and large colour posters. With highly fast and effective monochrome scannings and the option to scan in perfect colour, these highly affordable devices offer a cost effective solution for CAD, AEC and GIS professionals worldwide.


  • Fast monochrome scanner with added colour capabilities.
  • Crisp, clear black-and-white scanning on both models
  • 14 bit greytone capture for perfect reproduction of greyshades.
  • 42 bit colour capture for photo-realistic vivid colours.
  • One Touch Scan buttons for scan, copy , and scan to email.
  • Advance image enhancement includes sharpening, softening, blur, 2D-adaptive, ADL+ copy and more.
  • Optimal scan and copy modes designed specifically for documents such as sepia blueprint, etc...
  • All-Wheel-Drive precision tracking system for a straight scan path without distortion
  • Built-in Precision Colour system on PLUS model with calibration for stable and predictable colour output.
  • Calibrates to both sRGB and NTSC colour spaces.
  • 3C Auto-maintenance system for fully automatic camera alignment, stitching, black/white point setting and calibration.
  • Advanced Power Management system for optimal working temperature, noise reduction and timer controlled automatic power on/off.
  • Supports the FireWire Plug and Play (PnP) and SCSI interfaces for flexible and problem free connectivity
  • Scan to PDF format option.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.


Chameleon Tx 36 BASE: 36" Wide Format Colour Scanner - 3.0" /sec (monochrome), 0.3" /sec (colour) - 800dpi
Chameleon Tx 36 PLUS: 36" Wide Format Colour Scanner - 6.0" /sec (monochrome), 0.3" /sec (colour) - 2400dpi

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