Food Manufacturer Cuts Costs Dramatically through Online Ordering and improves ‘image’

A London based specialist food manufacturer invited PCF to look at their print distribution because they were experiencing supply problems.

Orders had historically been placed with various suppliers giving an inconsistent corporate image and often lead to forms running out of stock through a lack of forms stock control. Also, suppliers had always delivered the full forms order quantities in one delivery and this took up valuable warehouse space at the client's premises.

The food manufacturer used a range of continuous computer forms including: Invoices, Despatch Notes, Quotations, Credit Notes, Statements and Picking Lists.

Other print included cheques for 3 accounts, payslips, thermal despatch labels, letterheads and various envelopes.

PCF firstly standardised the size of a range of forms to give batch discounts then through single sourcing the print artwork designs and print manufacturing PCF gained a very sharp and consistent use of the client’s corporate ID.

Next, a managed warehouse facility was setup especially for the client. This freed up a substantial area of the client’s own warehouse that had previously been set aside for boxes of print.

A stock management system was also set up through PCF’s Online Ordering System (accessed via a password protected client login on the PCF website). Using this automatic emails are generated to confirm that a call off has been received and stock reports are regularly provided to help prevent forms stocks running out.

In conclusion, this PCF Print Management programme has cut actual costs substantially but also provided significant improvements in the image that the client portrays to all its customers and suppliers and reduced the regular headaches and extra costs of running out of forms and needing expensive and rushed reprints.

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