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About Security Gift Vouchers

Security Gift Voucher

the Gift Voucher Business GIFT VOUCHERS have been specifically developed to provide maximum brand impact, and advanced printing security protection against gift voucher fraud. Whether you need them in a week or a month, our range of vouchers will suit any requirement.

Retail Branded Vouchers

Advanced Voucher Security

PRODUCT • Custom Gift Vouchers are cost effective for printing a minimum quantity of 1000+ over 4 denominations.
Gift Voucher Business Secure Express Vouchers are cost effective for printing a minimum of 50+ over 3 denominations.
DELIVERY • To deliver Custom Gift Vouchers within 10 - 15 working days (or less) from proof approval.
• To deliver Gift Voucher Business Secure Express Vouchers within 5 working days from proof approval.
BESPOKE • The printing of your retail brand/logo in the security background makes the vouchers bespoke and unique ..... peace of mind.
COLOURS • Now available in a choice of security printed design colours.
SECURITY PRINTING • Custom vouchers are cost effectively printed to incorporate the highest levels of printing security.

Your Choice of Security Features - The Benefits

Retail Branded Security Panel Printing • Your retail brand/logo graphically reproduced in a 3D (relief) effect in very fine lines, using a security printing design technique called NUMISMATICS.
• Designs can be printed in one of 6 styles.
• Extremely difficult to accurately copy or counterfeit.
Invisible U.V. • Encompasses a unique security graphics technique developed specifically to combat fraudulent counterfeiting on vouchers, called MICRO- NUMISMATICS.
• This involves the NUMISMATIC “fine line” being broken down into a micro pattern and then developed into numismatics. It is applied to the words “ADVANCED SECURITY”.
• The ‘moiré’ pattern coupled with MICRO-NUMISMATICS provides an excellent defence against counterfeiting.
Security Hologram • Is probably the best visible deterrent to counterfeit fraud. The security hologram is a standard feature on CUSTOM GIFT VOUCHERS and is supplied F.O.C.
• Holographic foil is unique & exclusive to the security printer, significantly improving hologram security.
Watermarked CBS1 Printing • Strong watermark printing design offers additional deterrent to counterfeiting.
• Unique & exclusive, significantly improving paper security and printing security.
Thermochromic Ink • Heat reactive printing ink.
• Provides instant validation of original vouchers.
Microtext • An extra fine microtext feature makes the gift vouchers very difficult to copy or scan.
Audit Number & Check Digits • Ensures accurate control of your gift vouchers.
• 3 check digit number printed in invisible blue U.V.
• Helps to validate original gift vouchers.
• On-line number and cheque validation.

Security Gift Vouchers

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