Announcing E-Proofs

You've heard of Email, well now we'd like to introduce to you .. E-Proofing!

E-proofing uses your existing Email system to send full colour proofs to you - right to your desk - of brochures and forms on THE SAME DAY we designed them for you. And your desk could be anywhere in the world!

It's So Convenient

E-Proofing can save days when they are most critical - at the start of a project.

It can be like having your own designer sitting with you, but taking care of all the technical issues for you quickly and professionally.

Imagine how much time you could save being able to check the look of the design, the use of colours, the fine details ..almost as soon as our designer has completed the initial design work, without having to wait days as the post goes back and forth between us.

Free Software

The software needed by your computer is free and is available now via our web site for you to download immediately.

For E-Proofing, the software you need to run with your Email system is called Adobe Acrobat Reader. When entering our website www.pcf.co.uk, you will see a 'button' that allows you to download this software onto your PC.

This 'button' will automatically take you to Adobe's own site on which the software is available.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you do not have internet access then for a cost of just £10 + VAT, we can send you a CD ROM which contains the free Acrobat Reader software and you simply register its use with Adobe.

Could It Be Easier?

When you are ready, we will then be able to send E-Proofs to you as Adobe 'PDF' (Portable Document Format) files attached to normal Email letters. You will be able to automatically 'open' these files and view them in full colour on your screen using the Adobe software.

Once viewed, you can decide to print the proof on your local laser or inkjet printer. If the proof is greater than A4 in size simply click on the 'fit to size' box in the print routine and this will give you a reduced size proof that fits onto one A4 sheet.

If you need to make copy changes, simply write clearly on this printed copy and fax it back to PCF for re proofing if necessary ... it's as easy as that!

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