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Many large-scale projects for replacing printers now include requirements such as:

  • Securing print jobs at the printer AND user level.
  • Encrypting ALL print jobs, regardless of print server assignment.
  • Worldwide printing capability.
  • Accounting for/auditing all printing and copying activity.
  • Blending personal printing benefits with networked printing controls.
  • Integrating legacy printing systems with modern MFP devices.

PCF meets all of these requirements with the PCF!secure Print Delivery Software for printing and copying. The technology is a collaboration of hardware and software tools that secures and accounts for all copy and print activities across the enterprise and it helps ensure that your organisation is able to comply with governmental requirements regarding the protection of confidential, sensitive data.

Typical user environment: Print jobs sent to a printer are vulnerable to unauthorised viewing due to the physical location of the printer and due to the print data needing to be sent through a relatively open IT network.

PCF!secure Print Delivery environment: Now print jobs are data encrypted from start to finish. When the user prints to a PCF!secure protected printer the print file for the job is held back in the central server as an encrypted file until the user goes to the selected printer and users on ID card to authorise that the job can now be delivered to the printer. The job is then sent remotely to that printer and the data is decrypted by a small unit that has been placed on the network link between the printer and its normal printer socket, so that it now prints as normal text or pictures etc.

Not only does this process ensure data security and physical print security, but it also reduces time wasted and costs associated with the use of remote network printers such as when they are holding the wrong paper, or are out of service or busy with some other large print runs. At this point the user could simply go to another enabled printer to have the job printed out using the ID card security.

The product also includes an audit reporting feature which allows print jobs to be reported on for many different aspects. The reporting can be used for security audit checking reasons as well as for allocating print costs from central IT directly to the many user departments.

This product can be used with the PCF!secure cheque range of products to help provide end to end payment data encryption and strict control over the access to secure cheque paper stocks.

Download PCF!secure Print Delivery Software PDF

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