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PCF!Locator Document Tracking Software

Using barcodes to file, locate and track all your key documents.

How often have you ‘lost’ important client documents amongst all your other files, or someone has ‘borrowed’ a document from one file and now nobody knows where it has gone?

PCF!Locator has been designed to solve that problem, and using the power of barcodes makes tracking all your document ‘movements’ easy.

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Typical users of PCF!Locator are finance and legal organisations such as accountants, solicitors and insurance companies for client and customer file tracking and control. Other areas of use are job bag control in manufacturing companies, artwork tracking for printers and designers and any organisation needing to control its document filing and archiving more efficiently.


PCF!Locator is a powerful tool to track the storage and retrieval of archive boxes, files in them and every document in the file. It enables fast and accurate issuing and retrieval of files and quick identification of where an archived file has been stored. Built into the system is barcode software, so that barcode document ID labels can be quickly produced. The labels are then attached to the files etc., and using a portable barcode scanner all file and document movements can be recorded in a ‘flash’. Document items can be grouped by Item Type such as boxes or files and viewed by Location such as site name, floor or room or viewed by Owner (say client name) or viewed by Keeper (say department name).

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