GE Healthcare installs the barcode business labelling system

GE Healthcarethe barcode business was approached by GE Healthcare who were experiencing huge problems with their labelling. They had installed a system for on demand label printing using thermal printers but using their existing supplier struggled for 6 months with no success before approaching the barcode business.

We went on site to evaluate their situation and found many issues:

  • Pre-printed image was rubbing off the label
  • Thermal printed image was grainy and impossible to read.
  • Labels were peeling off when stored in extremely cold environments.

As a result, GE was shipping drugs with labels which were either peeling off prior to arriving with the end user or if they were still attached then they couldn't be read.

the barcode business initiated a process of testing to come up with a solution, which involved:

  1. Sourcing a material, which had the correct face material and adhesive properties. The adhesive is capable of holding a label onto a vial, which is stored in liquid nitrogen.
  2. Matching the thermal ribbon to this material to ensure the thermal printed image is scratch, smudge and chemical resistant.
  3. Using lock-on inks for the pre-printed image to ensure they don't scratch off.
  4. Adding a UV varnish to protect the image further.
  5. Improving their stock rotation to ensure shelf life is not an issue.

After the testing process, GE went fully live with our recommendations and is now running thousands of labels daily without any issues.

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