International aviation world cargo and distribution business selects the barcode business for new barcoding systems

the barcode business Barcoding SystemsThis the barcode business client world cargo business provides the fundamental infrastructure needed by an airline to operate its cargo business with confidence, efficiency and security. Integrated services include airport ground handling, ramp transfer, load planning, door to door services, information technology including bar-coding and real time track and trace capability of all consignments, modern secure bonded warehousing at key airports, X-ray scanning facilities, airside and landside distribution, together with close relationships with airport authorities.

They introduced a new software application to allow them and their customers to track and trace consignments worldwide. This meant that every single item being carried by their associated airlines required a barcode label attached at all times. The label needed to be extremely robust and durable with an adhesive which allowed it to adhere to many different surfaces without falling off.

After extensive trials using several different papers and materials, the barcode business were awarded the contract for the sole supply of the barcode labels for the Group.Barcoding

  • All labels are sequentially barcoded
  • Must be suitable for long range scanning from trucks
  • Base materials must be hard wearing and durable
  • Labels stored and distributed to multiple world wide locations

As part of their client services, the barcode business ensures that extensive records are kept to ensure barcode numbers are never duplicated and usage reports are sent quarterly in to the corporate head office in the UK.

Since going live with the new software and barcode system this major world cargo business has experienced very significant improvements in efficiency and huge reductions in lost or missing consignments.

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