Group 4 Security use PCF!Asset System to Track and Trace all furniture and IT hardware for large government facility

Group 4 runs site services for many large Government Facilities. At one particular site their customer had a requirement to track and trace all furniture items and IT hardware. They were faced with many issues:

  • Huge site with multiple buildings
  • No current electronic records
  • No barcodes on the majority of the items
  • Items being moved about with no record being made
  • Whole asset register was inaccurate

They were in a situation where they didn't know what they had on site or where anything was located.

After analysing several products Group 4 chose PCF!Asset as their preferred software and the process of data entry began.

The initial task was to identify each item with a unique barcode. This was achieved using hi tack tamper evident labels. For every item we then recorded:

  • Description
  • Location
  • User
  • Supplier
  • Purchase cost

The database was then populated with all these details giving them an extremely comprehensive reference point. The data can then be accessed on screen, and output using the extensive reports such as

  • Items by user
  • Items by location
  • Items by department
  • Product types
  • Many more...

Movement of assets are all now recorded by scanning barcodes on a portable data terminal at the point of action, and an audit trail created.

As a direct result of using PCF!Asset, Group 4 are now in a position where they can tell their client exactly what they have and where on site it is located - this is very useful for insurance purposes. In addition they know who is responsible for every asset and can carry out regular audits or spot checks to ensure their records are accurate.

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