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Create!form ® for JDE ™ OneWorld ®, delivers unique, seamless integration of e-forms directly into OneWorld ™ PDF output. Create!form uses a completely new approach to e-forms processing, enabling users to add the industry's leading e-forms tool to OneWorld ™ without disruption or customisation. Create!form integrates directly and invisibly into the OneWorld ™ output process as well as providing complete integration with OneWorld ™'s workflow system.

Create!form and OneWorld ™ work as a team. OneWorld ™ provides built-in facilities for defining, creating, viewing, and printing PDF output. Create!form takes advantage of that architecture by combining the strengths of the PDF format with its own high quality e-forms. Users can take any PDF output without alteration and electronically replace the image layer to create a professional customised e-form. E-forms can range from simple documents such as purchase orders, cheques and invoices, to complex multipart forms.

Create!form then automatically places the updated PDF file back into the original file and location in the OneWorld ™ workflow system, allowing easy access to the completed form with the native OneWorld ™ tools.

how it works

Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™, consists of the following components:

  • Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™ - the Windows based e-forms design application
  • Create!form server, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™ - the PDF merge engine which resides on the e-form server
  • Create!PDFsend - the job ticketing utility which resides on the OneWorld ™ Enterprise server

Create!form is a graphical environment to develop custom e-forms for OneWorld ™'s PDF output and works hand-in-hand with OneWorld ™'s Report Design Aid (RDA).

Create!form uses the conditional intelligence built into OneWorld ™'s PDF output. Designing forms requires no additional scripting, complex designs or conversions.

Forms design is accomplished by starting with a sample PDF report generated by the Universal Batch Engine (UBE) to use as a template. Import the PDF file to view the intelligent RDA output sections, then define the form that represents each section of the OneWorld ™ report.

Forms are designed by selecting a section and simply drawing the custom form right over the PDF template. Diagram 1 shows custom forms designed for the header, detail and total sections.

Each page of the document can be viewed. The form for each section is displayed whenever the section appears on a page.

When you have completed the form design for each section, the entire project can then be previewed and tested with the sample PDF files prior to moving the finished form to your designated e-form server. Any NT server can be set up as an e-forms server, including the deployment or print servers.

Form Variables
In addition to overlaying each section with a custom form, Create!form allows you to alter the layout of the report without any changes in the RDA. Within a report section you can select from the list of variables in the RDA report and then click and drag the data to a new position. You can change the font, size, justification and colour of the variables. Create!form also allows you to easily change a variable into a Bar Code or MICR font for check printing. Additionally, Create!form enables you to prepare your documents for archiving with Create!archive. Simply specify the variables you would like to use as your search indexes for easy document retrieval.

PDF Forms Management
The custom forms are automatically named by Create!form during the design process to match the report number and optionally, the version number of the OneWorld ™ PDF output. This allows you to define your forms to match the demand for different layouts in your production environment.
Once completed, the custom forms can be put into production using the Create!form transfer utility to automatically transfer them to the e-forms server.

PDF output management

OneWorld ™'s UBE generates PDF reports on your enterprise server or workstation. The print operation on the enterprise server is automatically intercepted by Create!PDFsend which sends the PDF file to the NT server with its corresponding job ticket.

Create!form server then merges this PDF data with the custom form according to its report and/or the version number. The new PDF file is then ready to be output to any of the Create!form distribution products for print, fax, email or archive. For example, the Create!form module allows you to print your merged PDF documents to any network or local printer.

Create!form also provides an Adobe Acrobat plug-in so that you can merge on-line OneWorld ™ PDF reports with the custom e-forms you have defined. The plug in works on any OneWorld ™ client, even thin clients through a terminal server. When using the standard command to view a PDF report, the plug-in will automatically merge the customised forms you have created and display them onscreen. This means every time you view an OneWorld ™ Report you will see exactly the same output that will be sent to your customer or supplier.

printer support

Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™, can print to any Windows compatible printer, including line printers. However, you will get the best performance, quality and control using a PostScript laser printer. PostScript is required for bar code and check printing.

integrating with Create!form products

Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™, also works in conjunction with the other Create!form distribution products, to give you the added flexibility to print, fax, email and archive your OneWorld ™ documents.

With Create!stream you can copy, split, and distribute PDF spool files into individual documents, then without user intervention have them merged with an electronic form created using Create!form. The merged documents can then be sent to any destination using the Create!form family of products:

  • Print to any printer queue or device using Create!form.
  • Faxing documents with Create!fax to an address looked up in an external database or within the spool file.
  • E-mailing documents with Create!email using email addresses looked up in an external database or within the spool file.
  • Archive with full indexing and search capabilities and easy web access using Create!archive.


Application Software

  • JD Edwards' OneWorld ™ version B73.2.2 and above

Operating Systems

  • AS/400, UNIX and Windows NT 4.0 (Intel)

Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™

  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
  • 32Mb RAM
  • 10Mb Free Hard Disk Space
  • Adobe ® Acrobat Distiller ™ 3.0 and above

Create!form server, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™

  • Windows NT Server 4.0
  • 32Mb RAM
  • 10Mb Free Hard Disk Space
  • Adobe ® Acrobat Reader ™ 3.0 and above


  • AS/400, UNIX and Windows NT 4.0 (Intel)

Create!form products that integrate with Create!form, for JDE ™ OneWorld ™

  • Create!stream 1.0
  • Create!form for JDE ™ OneWorld ™ 1.2
  • Create!fax 2.2
  • Create!email 1.0
  • Create!archive 1.0

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