PCF Document Archive Software and PCF Document Archive Out Sourced Services

Document Archive Software for enterprise-wide outgoing and incoming document archiving.

PCF!Archive electronically captures, stores and manages literally every document generated or received by a company - including paper, reports, application files, e-mails, and web content. It handles everything you need to do with those documents - retrieve, revise, annotate, distribute, or post to a website - and integrates seamlessly with ERP, CRM, and other e-business applications to create a single point of online access to all relevant information.

Imagine the benefits of being able to share the full spectrum of information with whoever needs it: the savings that result from eliminating paper and microfilm; the efficiencies that are created by ensuring that employees never spend another minute locating, copying, or faxing physical files; the innovation that arises from better informed professionals; and the deeper relationships that are forged with better-served customers and partners.

PCF!Archive software combines the technologies of document imaging and COLD/ERM document management into a single, enterprise-class application, with the ability to manage any kind of document and to support an unsurpassed range of business applications.

All in one document archive software

  • One software application for output forms archiving and scanned input of forms received from suppliers and clients
  • One database
  • One configuration utility
  • and One customisable user interface for all processing and retrieval

Highly evolved client/server architecture

  • Web-enabled
  • Access through thin or thick clients, Windows Explorer or other enterprise applications
  • Completely point-and-click configurable
Document Scanners Document Storage

Document Archive Out Sourced Partnered Services

Many organisations are now looking to improve their document archiving process by outsourcing document archive scanning and hard copy (original paper forms etc.) records management.

PCF provides this service through its partnered service bureau, and clients can now benefit in many key business ways.

Release valuable document archive office space

Releasing valuable document archiving office space for core business activities can reduce total business operating costs significantly and so you gain cost savings on storage space and internal archiving expertise.

Disaster recovery protection for your document archive

The service provides you with a disaster recovery platform for regulatory compliance, and business security for all your document archives.

Reduce total document archiving costs

The fast and simple remote access to documents is available via a sophisticated file tracking system with e-delivery options, and there is also an online box collection, delivery and tracking requisition system in place, a service designed to help reduce your total business costs while improving your document archiving processes.

Multi offices organisations now have an opportunity to rationalise their total office and document archiving and filing processes in one single out sourced location, while maintaining immediate access to files and documents via secure internet connections.

Other services include document archive consultative advice and confidential document archive destruction.

State of the art premises and software

This document management out sourced service is carried out in state of the art premises boasting the latest in security, fire and flood protection systems that have the capacity to store over 1.8 million boxes over some 300,000 square feet. A large fleet of collection and delivery vehicles and an innovative bar coded tracking system enable a wide range of services to be offered to meet individual requirements.

The digital imaging technology and a web-based platform allows a document archive order to be received and scanned and images delivered on demand to customers anywhere in the world within two hours! Once scanned, images can then be stored and made available for instant access, thus bridging the gap between historical and future processes.

This document archiving partnership also allows PCF to offer a service for handling and storing magnetic media, microfiche, film and video in an atmospherically controlled FM 200 environment.

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