Form-mail email software for emailing business forms and emailing accounting forms

FORM-MAIL Software


FORM-MAIL automatically emails business forms (in full colour) from your accounting software to your clients or employees - runs with Outlook email etc.

Now from just £297* you can save the time of printing and enveloping forms and SAVE £100+'s in postage costs every month!

There are TWO key reasons why you should email out your invoices, statements, order acknowledgements, purchase orders, remittance advices or payslips .......

  1. FORM-MAIL saves you up to 90% of your total forms printing and mailing costs; with savings of cost from not printing and enveloping your forms and massive postage mailing cost savings. Our estimates put the total savings gained at about £400 per 500 forms.
  2. FORM-MAIL is fast, which means your clients will receive your Invoices quicker, so they will be able to pay you sooner and terms, advertising flyers or re-order forms can still be included. Order Acknowledgements and Purchase Orders can be emailed immediately so clients and suppliers can confirm all order details are right before goods are shipped. And internal emails such as Private payslip emails will remain CONFIDENTIAL by using the FORM-MAIL PIN password security system.
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Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the email invoice sample and datasheet. If you don't have a copy, click the button to download a free copy now.

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*Price includes software licence and 1000 email clicks, extra clicks cost 8p each, excludes vat and delivery charges. All prices are subject to change.

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