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News from PCFNew Document Management Solutions Provide 10 Ways to Speed Up All Your Document Processing and Reduce Your Print and Postage Costs

With at least 10 new ways PCF could speed up the flow of all documents in your organisation and reduce print and postage costs... and you will be in great company when you decide to use these systems. Clients such as Littlewoods, Mothercare, Twinings Tea, Tyco and many government bodies already gain these 'business flow' benefits every day.

Using our systems... without changing your existing software.... you could email out your Order Acknowledgements (in full colour as exact replicas of your existing form), print multi copy delivery notes with bar coded item labels and email or fax out invoices, statements, BACS advice slips, and even payslips.

Without changing your main software our output management solutions will automatically decide exactly how to send each form... by post, by email, by fax or by SMS text.

If you are emailing a confidential item such as a payslip then we can PASSWORD PROTECT the payslip so that only the correct employee can read the payslip email.

SMS texting of alerts from your system to standard mobile phones will be automatic and using our remote text update system your colleagues can enquire on your system using their SMS text phone and update your central data bases remotely (with authentication protection)... all this from a standard mobile phone.

And your forms archives can now be fully electronic and automatic with forms copies displayed from your website so clients could find their own 'copy invoices' or trace their own 'Proof of Delivery' signed forms when tracing urgent missing deliveries... saving your accounts staff hours while providing a 24 hour service.

10 Ways to Speed Up Your Document Flow and Reduce Print and Postage Costs

  1. Printed or Emailed Order Acknowledgement
  2. Cordless Real Time Scanner used to Pick Order - Printed Delivery Note with Item Bar Code Labels
  3. Driver Updates Central System using PCF SMS text interface link - Signed Proof of Delivery Scanned then viewed by client via Website
  4. Emailed invoice and statement - Invoice copies viewed by client via Website
  5. Auto-Faxed or Emailed Supplier Purchase Orders
  6. Emailed BACS Supplier Payment Advice with web enabled viewing
  7. Security Laser Printed Payment Cheques in 'Print and Seal' format
  8. Emailed PASSWORD Protected PRIVATE Payslips direct to employees
  9. Automatic System SMS Text Alerts to key managers on Stock Levels or Finance Details etc, available with 'auto remote SMS enquiry system'
  10. All forms and label designs controlled in house to avoid print wastage from 'out of date details' and outsourcing delays

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