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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does FORM-MAIL software cost?

A. A single user licence is £297+vat (downloaded from website, extra copies are available @ £97 each), including 1000 free email clicks. Telephone support is available after the purchase of a Support10 voucher for £100. Also you can buy more email click charges from the PCF website as you need them at 8p per click - minimum order quantity 1000 clicks @ £80+ vat (discounts available for larger quantity purchases).

Q. My accounts software does not output the client email addresses when printing invoices etc., how would FORM-MAIL know where to email the form?

A. FORM-MAIL has its own separate email address directory where you can list your clients email addresses and PIN security details, it refers to this directory before emailing out using a numeric link code that you can add for each client say in the client name / address box or another field such as the department code area in payroll applications. However, if your accounts software can be set to add your emailing addresses to the last line of each form you are sending, and if you don’t need to use PIN security then this extra database does not need to be used.

Q. What happens if I don’t have email addresses for some clients?

A. That’s okay, FORM-MAIL will notice if an email address is not available and print their forms on your selected office printer using plain A4 paper and adding your forms design to your data just as in the email, then you can envelope and post these as before. When your forms are printed and not emailed the FORM-MAIL click charge used is reduced by 50% and you save further by not needing pre-printed stationery.

Q. Some of my clients don’t want emailed invoices, what next?

A. Since you save about 90p per invoice you email instead of posting out, it is obviously worth your while persuading them to accept emailed invoices (many companies now receive emailed invoices, just as they receive electronic BACS payments these days). But if some clients cannot be persuaded that’s also okay since whenever FORM-MAIL does not have an email address it simply prints out the complete form just using plain paper so you still save on the cost of buying pre-printed forms. Most of your suppliers will be happy to receive your Purchase Orders and Remittance Advices by email (since it can help their service levels to you), and using the privacy and security of FORM-MAIL security PIN passwords many of your employees will also be happy to receive their payslips by email.

Q. How do I change the forms design, or logos or telephone numbers and addresses when I need to?

A. That’s easy. Just open the forms design you are using with a recent version of ‘Word’ and change whatever detail you want to.

Q. What does FORM-MAIL actually email out, can I be sure my client will be able to open the emailed invoice?

A. FORM-MAIL converts your invoice data (or whatever other form you are sending) to a fully finished invoice including all designs, logos and colours you have added. It then sends this form as an industry standard PDF file. Your client can open the form file using Adobe Acrobat Reader (this software is available preloaded on many PCs, but also is a FREE download from the Adobe Acrobat website. And with each email type you have the option to send a standard explanation message such as an email subject line like ‘Invoice From ABC Ltd.’ and an email body text briefly explaining that your latest invoice is attached here, maybe reminding them briefly how to open and print it, and thanking them for their business including your customer service contact details if they want to order more etc.

Q. Which email systems does FORM-MAIL work with?

A. FORM-MAIL runs with Outlook Express, 2000, 2002/XP or 2003 and various SMTP output style systems.

Q. Can I use FORM-MAIL just to print (not email) some of my accounts forms and so save the cost of buying my pre-printed forms?

A. Of course! The email function can easily be turned off if you want to just print and ‘Royal Mail’ client statements as an example. Forms such as Order Acknowledgements could then be pre-set to always be emailed.

Q Will FORM-MAIL work with my accounts software?

A. Probably! It works with many different software packages such as Sage, Pegasus and very large systems also. Generally speaking, provided you are using a relatively recent version of a Microsoft based PC (such as XP, Windows 98/2000, NT) it will operate with your accounts package in a similar way that your current printers do, it’s a bit like loading a new printer driver onto your PC. To select to use FORM-MAIL just select FORM-MAIL in the list of printers you have available and now your data goes to FORM-MAIL for processing instead of going to your printer.

Q. I need a paper file copy of each form I send out to a client, how is that done?

A. An option in FORM-MAIL for each form you email can be set so that a hard copy is always printed whenever you email out a form. Also an electronic copy is held in the FORM-MAIL software for electronic filing, and you will also have a copy of everything you have sent out in your email systems out box. So next time a client asks for another copy of an invoice you simply look in the PC folder where you decided to store your e-copies and email or post a printed copy form to them. This electronic archiving could also be very useful when employees require copies of previously printed payslips.

Q. How do I send Terms & Conditions out that are normally printed on the back of my forms? And what about multi page invoices and advertising flyers.

A. The Terms & Conditions would be added as an extra document file to be sent with the form being emailed. Advertising flyers can also be added this way. Multi page invoices are sent automatically as a single invoice file to each of your clients.

Q. Sometimes clients want me to fax their invoice instead of email, can I do that?

A. Yes, you can set up the FORM-MAIL system to use a service called ISP faxing, a small extra monthly charge will enable this.

Q. I need to sign some documents before they are sent, is this possible?

A. Scanned images of signatures can be added to the forms design templates.

Q. How do I learn how to use FORM-MAIL? Is there any remote support available?

A. FORM-MAIL is very easy to use. It comes with a comprehensive user manual which explains how to set up the system and also tells you how to design forms using ‘Word’ (just in case you didn’t already know). Also a Support10 remote telephone support voucher is available from PCF for £100+vat. This voucher covers you for 10 telephone support calls, or up to a total maximum of 4 hours telephone support.

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